Web Scraper Workshop

This workshop guides participants through creating a webscraper to get data out of an Amazon wishlist using the hyper crate and the select crate.

Setup Instructions

In case internet isn't reliable, serve doc/wishlist.html from a local computer and anywhere that you see https://brson.github.io/demo/wishlist.html, use your local URL instead.

In the doc directory, there's a script you can use to walk through the steps in demo.md, as well as slides using Remark in slides/project.html. Feel free to edit the content of the slides by changing the markdown in the textarea in project.html. There are speaker notes; to use them, open index.html in a browser and type 'c' to create a "cloned" view of the slideshow in another window. Then in one of the windows, type 'p' to switch to presenter view. The two windows will now change slides together.

Test on Windows!

Definitely run through the project on a Windows machine or VM before running the workshop. In Oct 2016, we had issues with linking to openssl on Windows machines in order for hyper to be able to make https requests, but check to see if hyper has switched to some other solution. The solution we came up with eventually was to disable openssl on windows by putting this in Cargo.toml:

version = "0.9"
default-features = false